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Do you want to know if you are really built for the sport you love? The answer may lie in your genetics. Recent research has confirmed that our ability to perform strenous physical activity is dependent on a number of our genes. Inheritance of favourable genetic components is more commonly observed in athletes or fitness professionals depending on the type of exercise or sports activity they perf
Gene nutrition testing (also referred as Nutrigenomics or Nutrigenetics test) provides the report about Eating Behaviour, Micronutrient profile vitamin (A,C,D,E,B6,B9,B12), Iron requirements, Anitoxidant needs, Food sensitivities and more. This genetic metabolic screen assesses how your genes may impact specific metabolic processes that have a bearing on your overall health.
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Gene Health Vital To focus on the most common Lifestyle diseases , screens for Hypertension, Diabetes , Obesity and Cardiac events. In this segment of the genetic report, we present information about your genotype and its association with health conditions. The association information was curated from hundreds of scientific publications from India and abroad. We have emphasized the association be

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